10 Bizarre Pieces of Technology In Metal Gear

The Metal Gear series likes to be weird, but these pieces of technology do exist in the real world.

Action games often use strange technology, and Metal Gear is at the front of the pack.The bipedal nuke-launching mechs that give the game its name are less successful than regular launch silos. AI is more of a danger to the creative community than to the US political system, and if it were, it would probably try to control the internet from boring server rooms instead of a huge underwater fortress like in Metal Gear Solid 2.

But the Metal Gear Solid series mixes things from myth with real military gear. SOCOM handguns, Stinger missiles, M1 Abrams tanks, Hind-Ds, Harrier jump jets, and more have all been in the series in one way or another. Then there are these weird pieces of technology that look like they were made up by Hideo Kojima in a developer meeting but are actually real.

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