18 Spookiest Horror Mods For Skyrim

Want to make your TES V game a little more scary? If you want to be scared, these are the best scary mods for Skyrim.

Skyrim is a huge deal, and everyone who is worth their salt knows a lot about it. It’s hard not to, since this game has been copied what seems like a million times. Skyrim has a lot of fans who love everything about it, including its beautiful fantasy world and the fact that you can play any part you want.

You can’t talk about Skyrim without mentioning the amazing group of people who make changes to the game. When it comes to changing Skyrim, these modders have gone above and beyond. For example, some mods turn the bright and fun fantasy world of Skyrim into a scary one that will scare any player to death.

Here are the scariest Skyrim mods you can download, which are sure to give you the creeps.

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