5 Types of Custom Box Packaging for Small Businesses

Customisation is your best bet if you want to build a dependable connection with your customers as an ecommerce business. When you are running an ecommerce business, the only connection you have with your customers is when they receive your parcel. They don’t visit your store to communicate with your employees; they simply place their order online and expect to receive it in the best form. 

Your packaging can make or break your reputation in their eyes, so you should invest a little more effort and money in it. Even today, some businesses don’t think that having the right packaging does anything for their business, whereas the reality is quite the opposite. Good packaging can elevate your brand’s value like nothing else. Custom box packaging in the UK has gained immense recognition, and brands have also started to embrace this change. Having standard packaging is just not enough these days; you need to bring something unique to your designs.

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom box packaging in the UK allows you to design your product packaging yourself. When you look at the available packaging options in the market, you will be able to find incredible designs, but they won’t be personalised until you add some details to them. Many competitors can provide the same benefits as your products, but you can be distinct with your packaging. There’s no limit to how much you can customise your packaging. You can add colours, designs, names, logos, themes, patterns, or pretty much anything you want to your brand packaging. Once you find a good vendor, you can share your vision for packaging with them, and they will help you create something close to your vision.

Following are some types of packaging boxes that you can customise.

Corrugated Boxes

One of the most used types of packaging is corrugated box packaging. These are commonly used for shipping and are easily made. They have simple designs and are most economical as you can purchase them even with a low budget. These boxes are also extremely eco-friendly, which is perfect if you want to cater to that section of the audience. Eco-friendly packaging has been making rounds as more and more people are becoming aware of the sustainability of the world. So if you wish to gain the audience’s favour, customising corrugated boxes might be the right option for you.

Rigid Boxes

Another popular type of packaging is rigid box packaging. High-end brands mostly use these boxes because they are relatively more expensive than other packaging types. There’s also a lot of room for customisation in this packaging type. It enables you to add colours and themes while still looking elegant and sophisticated. One of the biggest strengths of rigid boxes is that they look sophisticated, and this makes them one of a kind.

Cardboard Tube Packaging

You must have heard about cardboard tube packaging as one of the popular types of packaging for cosmetic & beauty packaging. It is a cylinder-shaped vessel that is perfect for products that come in bottles. Cosmetic & beauty packaging requires you to have the best packaging type in the right size so the products won’t get damaged. Cardboard tube packaging doesn’t give enough space for the products inside to roll inside. You can also add designs and logos on this packaging type to make it more personal.


If you want a lightweight and eco-friendly solution for packaging, paper mailers can also be a good choice. The biggest downside of using paper mailers for product delivery is that you cannot pack heavy products in them. Otherwise, it is very practical and gives you a lot of room for customisation. You can design your paper mailers in any way you consider right, and they will be perfect to deliver multiple small products at the same time.

Paper Bags

Paper bag packaging has regained its popularity as the demand for eco-friendly products is rising. Customers are looking out for the world’s sustainability and want solutions that don’t affect the environment badly. In this case, plastic packaging has taken the back seat, and paper bags have suddenly started to make their way back into the market. They are mainly used to carry groceries and bakery products from one place to another. So, if you own a bakery, paper bags can be a good option to add to your packaging designs. You can also customise them to make them more personalised.

If you are looking for a vendor that can help you get custom box packaging in the UK, visit Print Monkey UK. They have amazing packaging designs for all types of businesses. You can also customise your packaging by sharing your ideas with their design team. Contact them now and place your order for the best packaging in the UK.

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