6 Fun things to do in Faro Portugal

Faro, the picturesque capital of the Algarve, is one of the nicest cities in Portugal. Faro, with all its beautiful surroundings and cultural vibrance, is because of its infamous neighbours.

It’s easy to get caught in Faro’s charm and tranquillity. Attractions for tourists include beautiful beaches, breathtaking architecture, historic places, and many more. You’ll have a great time whether you visit the Algarve in the winter or the summer.

Faro also has so many attractions that you will never run out of things to see and do. Hike among the untamed cliffs and caves or relax on the beach.

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Old Town Faro

We can next proceed to one of Faro’s most popular attractions. Several mediaeval alleys and the Moorish castle can be in Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the small winding lanes adorned with whitewashed buildings and red-tiled roofs. Wander around the alleys and passages, take in the ambience, and sample some of the excellent local cuisine and drinks.

Faro Cathedral

Assume you’re thinking where to go and what there is to do in Faro after leaving Old Town. In that scenario, you can go to the Faro Cathedral, the Torre dos Clérigos (Clerics’ Tower), and the Torre dos Meninos (Children’s Tower). Faro Cathedral, built in the thirteenth century, serves as one of the biggest and most impressive churches in Portugal. It is additionally the Algarve’s biggest church and a must-see for its design, cultural valuables, and incredible audio. The church contains some of Portugal’s most stunning and detailed carvings. The church is also among Faro’s most popular tourist sites, so you’ll see images of the structure all over the town.

Faro’s ancient ruins

Milreu and Aljezur are both ancient sites near Faro worth visiting. The first was an old Roman development, whereas the latter was a Municpio (town). You may take an instructor-led examination of the remains to get a better picture of how the ancient Greeks lived. Visit the Faro Cliff Railway, a narrow-gauge track that travels down the side of the 400-meter-high cliffs. It’s Europe’s oldest funicular, and the ride to the summit provides breathtaking views over the coastline and the city of Faro.

Torre do Tombo

If you enjoy history, this is an absolute must-see! You can also go up to the Torre do Tombo (Tower of Bells), a ruined mediaeval watchtower on the cliff’s edge if you’re feeling a bit more energetic. Take a cable car to the summit for superior views of the city and the sea below. You’ll have a bird’s-eye perspective of the town and the ocean below.

Igreja do Carmo

The Igreja do Carmo is one of the city’s most stunning cathedrals. It boasts an original octagonal structure that hasn’t been since the 1200s. The church is famous for its sculptures, which are among the best maintained in Portugal. The church is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the country’s outstanding examples of the Manueline style.

Arco de Vila

One of the most fascinating things to do in Faro is to visit the Arco de Vila, a mediaeval arch that was part of the city fortifications. The arch is now a popular tourist attraction, with a variety of shops and restaurants surrounding its narrow passageways. There are also more galleries and churches nearby, therefore keep a look out for extra things to see.

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