10 Best Ball-Playing Defenders In FIFA 23’s Career Mode

These are the best players who are good with the ball that you can sign in FIFA 23’s Career Mode.

In FIFA 23, your players are your last line of defense to stop the other team from getting into your 18-yard box and getting a clear shot on goal. They block goals, make hard tackles, are stronger than their opponents, and jump higher than anyone else to stop crosses from getting into the box. But this is just one thing that a defense can do for your team.

Some defenders, called “ball-playing defenders,” can help the offense in more ways because they are fast and can pass the ball both long and short distances. A defender who plays with the ball must stop the opponent’s charge and stop goals. Still, they can choose the right pass after stealing the ball from an opponent. This lets the rest of the team start a comeback and move quickly up the field to score a goal.

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