If you purchase something from one of the links we provide on our site, we might receive some affiliate commission. Today, we’re sharing some of the top health affiliate programs available to bloggers, affiliate marketers, influencers, and anyone with an online audience.

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about blogging or are a professional affiliate, marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to earn money online. The wellness and health industry is increasing and is worth 4.5 trillion dollars. It’s also growing and shows no sign that it’s slowing. This is the perfect time if you’ve ever considered creating your blog focusing on the health and wellness field. It takes a similar amount of up-front investment, and the results are enormous. But it requires perseverance, dedication, and time. For bloggers working in the health field, affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity to earn passive earnings (find out the earnings affiliate marketers earn here). Products for health and wellness are always popular, making them a lucrative option for bloggers and affiliate marketers. Look no further if you’ve sought affiliate programs promoting health and earning money.


Plenty of choices are available; however, they are all in different ways.

There are several things to consider when looking for the most effective health affiliate program to ensure you make a decent income and not waste your time.

The commission structure describes the amount you are paid for each sale you make. It is typically determined in percentage. Choosing the right affiliate program that pays you an adequate commission is crucial.

The variety of products offered The top health affiliate programs will provide many products available. This allows you to market products that appeal to your customers and create a range of content. Cookie duration: Each affiliate program has different durations for cookies. Cookies can last from just 24 hours to a whole year. The longer the period for cookies is, the greater the chances you have of earning the commission.EPC is the amount you earn for every 100 times. It indicates the amount you make for every 100 clicks you get on your affiliate link.

Suppose you’re looking for profitable affiliate programs in the health and wellness industry and are looking for affiliate programs that pay high-paying commissions. In that case, these affiliate programs are a good start (and to get more ideas, look at the survival affiliates).


Each health affiliate has great commissions designed to make it easy to join and promote.

Many come with various items, making it simple to locate something appropriate to your target audience.


Fitbit is among the most well-known and respected fitness and health brands globally. They offer top-of-the-line fitness trackers, wireless scales, and heart-rate sensors. Fitbit is an excellent name for blogs to endorse since they’re a brand that is well-known to all kinds of people. Also, the company has a solid online presence, which has helped build trust with its customers.

They offer a 3% commission as standard but provide more commissions to affiliates that generate higher sales quantities.


Health Wage is a wellness and health brand specializing in weight loss issues.

The platform lets you place a bet that you’ll lose weight over a specific period. You’ll be the money if you lose weight and win the chance! They also organize challenges to lose weight.

In contrast to other affiliate programs that pay you a portion of sales, HealthyWage pays you an amount of 50 cents per referrer.


Amazon Associates is one of the world’s most well-known and most prominent affiliate marketing programs.

Most people depend on and trust Amazon when they shop online. The variety of products offered is so extensive that no matter which products you’d like to suggest to your followers, you can locate the right product on Amazon.

Their commission rates range between 1%- 10%, based on the type of product you’re promoting. Sports goods generally receive a commission of about 3 percent, while other health and wellness products have a rate of approximately 4 percent.

The only issue with Amazon affiliate’s Amazon Affiliate program lies in the relatively short cookie time. If people discover something they are interested in on Amazon, it is quick to purchase.

Additionally, you’ll earn a commission on any other items in their basket over the 24-hour. This could be an excellent reward!


Physicians Choice is one of the top health affiliate programs available. The brand ambassadors program they offer is a fantastic option for bloggers since they have over 500 products available.

They offer a broad range of products, which include:




Beauty products

Other health products and other

They have a lengthy cookie period and provide an excellent commission rate of 25 percent of every sale. Affiliates are paid once they reach the $100 threshold or every 30 days.


Plus, CBD is a well-known CBD oil brand. They are a specialist in CBD-based products, which include hemp-derived CBD oil.

They offer a wide range of CBD products, such as gummies, oil balms, sprays, roll-ons, and drops.

Plus, CBD is a solid affiliate program, with the option of a 90-day cookie with a 15% profit, which makes this affiliate program a good choice for bloggers who write about health and wellness.

Their affiliate program is run by Shareasale, an excellent affiliate network for becoming a blogger, even if this particular affiliate program isn’t for you.


Nutri Profits is an affiliate program that helps bloggers make money from their sites by promoting products on their sites.

They offer a wide range of health-related products that you can advertise, including:

Protein shakes and protein bars

Weight loss supplements

Cleanses, lotions, creams and more

Nutri Profits differs from other health affiliate programs because they provides an ongoing cookie. When a client joins the program and purchases the product via the affiliate links, you’ll get a 40% commission on the first purchase and then a further 20% for all orders that they place in the future.Their products are advertised and sold in over 100 countries. So, regardless of where you are around the globe, you can earn money from Nutri Profits.

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