The ADHD – Migraine Connection

Migraines can trigger stress, among others things.If your loved one or you care about is identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) and you’re aware that managing this condition comes with particular difficulties. What you may not have considered but is that people in the midst of ADHD are also more at likelihood of developing migraines.

While researchers are still trying to discover the exact nature of the connection to ADHD as well as migraine, there seem to exist a myriad of possible explanations including genetics, Buy Adderall Online hormones and to the presence of a sleep disorder that can trigger both conditions.

HTML0This article focuses on the link with ADHD and migraine, and offers strategies to reduce the impact they have on your life.

The Link Between ADHD, Migraine, Stress, Sleep and Anxiety

If you’ve lived with ADHD If so, then you’re likely to be familiar with the array of co-morbidities that usually accompany the disorder, which include anxiety, depression or sleep problems. These conditions have also been proven to cause migraines. Stress and insomnia are strongly linked to migraines.

For instance, research has found that sleep apnea as well as depression are closely linked. In addition mood disorders and disturbed sleep have been shown to trigger or worsen signs of ADHD or migraine. This creates an endless cycle where multiple comorbiditiessuch as insomnia, mood disorder ADHD and migraineare fed by and amplify each other.

But, research suggests that the causes behind these comorbidities might be more complicated, resulting from a mixture of environmental and physiological causes. Researchers are currently exploring the possibility that the cause of these ailments could be within the inability of brain cells efficiently process dopamine.

Another possible connection that exists between ADHD and migraines could be stimulant medication used in management for ADHD symptoms. A stimulant medication can trigger slight headaches at the rear of the head because the dose of medication wears off, or a migraine that is severe through the entire head, resulting in discontinuing medication due to the headache.

Simple Migraine Management Strategies

Although there isn’t a treatment for migraines there is a way to treat the symptoms. Most of the time managing it can help to manage the symptoms of ADHD and migraines.

Reduce Stress

Since anxiety and depression can result in the increase in migraines, as well as ADHD issues, implementing steps to ease stress could be an essential first step. If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of clutter in your home, little regular efforts every day to declutter your house will slowly reduce the stress that can cause migraines or worsen symptoms of ADHD symptoms.

Maximize Sleep

Sleep disorders are closely connected to migraines as well as ADHD Therefore, taking the necessary steps to detect and correct the possibility of sleep disorders could be extremely beneficial in managing your symptoms. According to estimates, for example, that as much up to 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea however, many may not be aware of that they have it.

However, there are numerous indicators that could assist you in determining whether you’re suffering from sleep apnea. These include snoring and extreme daytime fatigue, frequent waking in the night, or having a sore throat when you wake up. If you think you suffer from a sleep disorder, talking to your physician or speaking with a sleep expert could be a great option to improve your quality of living.

Explore Triggers, Pressure Points and Treatments

Knowing and avoiding migraine triggers, such as stress, medications (or not taking the medication) or sunlight glare is an excellent precaution. If you do suffer from migraine there’s treatment options that are available. Understanding the pressure points that are used to treat migraines using acupressure as well as acupuncture can provide relief, as does seeking help from a doctor. The prevention of triggers and the use of pressure points are effective methods of reducing ADHD symptoms. If you are suffering from severe migraine headaches, you might also require the help of a treatment plan that includes Acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Always seek the advice of your physician prior to beginning any treatment program.

The Takeaway

It’s not always simple to manage chronic illness and, for the millions that suffer from simultaneously ADHD as well as migraines, the burdens of every day life are often incredibly difficult. However, the comorbidities that result from ADHD and migraine don’t need to hinder you from enjoying the lifestyle you desire and deserve. The positive side is that in many instances there are effective ways to manage these issues -and improving one condition is almost always leading to improvements in the other.

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