What To Do If Your Retirement Home Workplace Is Neglecting Elderly Care? 

If you work in a retirement home where several elderly are under care, and you notice serious neglect in providing healthcare by some members of the staff, then you should not stay quiet. When you notice unethical practices at your workplace, especially when the lives of others are depending, then it is your ethical duty to report the negligence. 

Being a staff member in a retirement living facility, you have an ethical duty to provide safe living for the residents. Here is what you should do if you notice unethical practices at your workplace. 

  • Gather The Evidence

When you notice neglect from your colleagues or other members of the staff in providing care facilities to certain elderly, or all the residents of the living facility, then you should start collecting the evidence. 

You can never report anyone without proof. Therefore, make sure that you have enough documents to support your claim. Take pictures, record actions, and copy the documents that might prove serious concern. 

  • Report To Your Immediate Supervisor 

Once you have strong evidence for your claim, make sure that you keep a copy of all the documents safe with you. You should only take a copy of the documents to your immediate supervisor and report your concern. 

Your immediate supervisor holds the authority to start the investigation regarding your claim

  • Follow The Internal Reporting System

If your immediate supervisor did not attend to your concerns, then you should follow the internal reporting system. Every workplace has a reporting system where employees can report their concerns to the higher authorities without having to go through each step separately. 

Make sure that you follow this procedure with the required protocol and provide all the legal evidence that you have to support your claim. 

  • Contact Family Members

If the elderly are being affected by negligence and you can see their health deteriorating, make sure to inform their family members. 

Reporting to the family members will engage them as well. If the issue within the facility is not being sorted out, then family members can take legal action. For instance, if your facility is located in Myrtle Beach SC, then a family member can hire a personal injury attorney myrtle beach sc to fight for their elderly rights. 

  • Report To Regulatory Authorities 

If you are firm on your stance and you understand the gravity of the situation, then you should not sit quietly about the injustice being done at your workplace.

You should involve the regulatory authorities responsible for overseeing such retirement facilities. 

  • Seek Whistleblowing Protection

Lastly, if you are concerned about your safety and job security, you should seek protection through whistleblower laws. For instance, if your facility is located in CA, hiring a whistleblower lawyer ca can provide you with legal protection in this case.

Every worker is provided legal protection in case they blow a whistle on fraud, negligence, and other unethical practices at their workplace. Therefore, make sure that you use this shield to protect your job.

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