IPL Cinema : Logistics Behind Securing IPL Sponsors and Deals

Reliance Jio’s purchase of IPL streaming rights sent shockwaves through the OTT industry; not because it came at such a steep cost, but rather due to their free offering.

With multiple feeds, multilingual commentary and engaging interactivity features, the platform promised an unparalleled viewing experience – which it delivered on in spades – breaking global records to mark a new era of digital sports coverage. Stay updated on the latest headlines, car models, cricket series, travel trends and financial advice each morning with Pioneer EPaper. Your key to a well-informed day!

How to secure IPL Sponsors and Deals?

Today, getting your brand logo onto a cricket team’s jersey requires more than simply spraying out logos; rather it involves a multifaceted campaign that starts months in advance – particularly relevant in IPL as its second most valuable sporting league in the world, trailing only America’s National Football League (NFL).

The tournament is an enormous source of sponsorship revenues and generates billions in sponsorship fees annually. Furthermore, its high-octane action and electric crowds make it one of the world’s most thrilling Twenty20 competitions, providing brands an ideal way to connect with fans.

Moneycontrol details the steps teams can take to secure lucrative sponsorship deals. First, teams create an inventory list of their available sponsorship inventory before going out to market and auctioning off main spots like front of jersey, leading arm, right upper chest and leading cap/helmet sponsorships as early as November. In addition, content partners, official partner deals and non-jersey sponsorships such as back of cap/helmet are often sold nearer the start of each season.

Brands identify their sponsorship requirements before approaching sports marketing firms or intermediaries–such as media buying companies or advertising agencies with established relationships with IPL franchises–to pitch their ideas. After they receive feedback on these ideas from media buying companies or advertising agencies that have relationships with franchises, negotiations ensue between brand representatives and teams over terms and conditions for sponsorship agreements.

Once a deal has been finalised, brands typically commit a certain sum of money over two to five years for team expenses such as training kits for players and match day hospitality.

As for the IPL governing council, they’re expected to maintain its existing sponsors when taking the tournament overseas this year. After opting not to impose restrictions on foreign players and retain existing central sponsors–such as Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo who paid Rs338 crore for the rights this season–when heading overseas.

The governing body may seek to limit the number of teams owned by Chinese businesses or entities, and may review sponsorship arrangements of Paytm and Dream XI that include minority stakes from Chinese-based entities.

Getting Started

In IPL sponsorship, teams and brands play like chessboard pieces vying for prime spots on a board, each trying to outwit their competitor for maximum benefit. Understanding your audience is the key to making wise moves at just the right moment and place. Blockbuster Today IPL match action coming your way today! Watch LIVE on in breathtaking quality.

JioCinema has found great success connecting with IPL viewers by offering free access to live matches and on-demand content, in seven different languages with six camera angles for optimal viewing experiences on both TV and mobile. Jio Cinema app usage spiked dramatically during IPL – data from Bobble AI indicates its peak concurrency has even exceeded that of Disney+Hotstar!

JioCinema’s IPL campaign has also helped it build a robust user base and cross-sell other services effectively. Reportedly, its aim is now 520 million subscribers – giving YouTube an extremely strong competitor in India’s video streaming market.

At IPL auctions, it has become evident that companies view IPL as a valuable asset, with bids coming from companies as diverse as Patanjali Ayurveda, Flipkart, Byju’s Learning Platform and Unacademy.

However, newcomers face difficulty competing with established players; large corporations possess enough money to outbid them and understand that providing quality content will attract audiences.

Star India spent Rs 23,575 crore this year to secure IPL digital rights; however, with TV advertising declining rapidly it may prove challenging to recoup this cost. Furthermore, Media Partners Asia projects that JioCinema will grab 60% of total ad sales revenue and digital will surpass TV for the first time ever in IPL history.

The Logistics

Indian Premier League media rights attracted a record media rights deal worth Rs8,200 crore back in 2008. Since then, their broadcasting and digital rights have skyrocketed sixfold in value.

Star India and Viacom18’s rights deal is worth an astounding IRs23,758 crore over three years – second only to Alphabet-owned ESPN for sports rights deals in terms of value.

Viacom18 has secured not only broadcast rights for IPL 2018, but also digital streaming rights with JioCinema for live viewing of all matches for free – ensuring Jio users can stream every match live for free on this platform this season. Specifically, JioCinema claims it has already reached 1300 crore unique video views this year – providing Jio users an average viewing time per match of 60 minutes on average!

JioCinema will begin charging its users after the IPL season ends; though its exact pricing strategy has yet to be finalised. It is clear, however, that JioCinema intends to expand their content offerings and compete against global OTT players such as Disney and Netflix.

JioCinema’s digital streaming of IPL 2023 matches is supported by partnerships from leading brands, such as Dream11, Upstox and JioMart as co-presenting sponsors; Associate sponsors such as AJIO, BKT Tyres ET Money Castrol TVS Oreo Bingo Sting Sting Louis Philippe Jeans are among others.

IPL’s digital streaming partner has successfully secured front of jersey sponsorship deals with Ather Energy and Fancode for both Gujarat Titans and Sunrisers Hyderabad, further underscoring their immense popularity and digital platforms’ appeal. Such lucrative sponsorship agreements stand as testimony to their digital platforms’ reach and popularity.

IPL digital platforms have consistently drawn in higher reach and viewership than television broadcast of matches, demonstrating there remains massive enthusiasm for live sporting events in India even during an age of cord cutting. Perhaps people watch sports events on TV for convenience; IPL streaming, on the other hand, tends to be consumed more via mobile devices with low data costs than conventional viewing methods.

The Final Countdown

Every time you encounter an IPL-themed advertisement on TV, social media or even near your house, remember it’s the result of months of hard work by franchises, brands and various intermediaries. IPL team sponsorship has come a long way since simply plastering logos onto jerseys and shooting commercials with cricketers; today they provide 360 degree campaigns with ads appearing across various platforms – just as all successful marketing initiatives start well before IPL season begins!

Traditionally, brands would approach individual IPL teams directly in order to secure sponsorship deals; however, with the rise of OTT, this process has become much more competitive and complex. To avoid losing out on lucrative opportunities, brands now enlist sports marketing firms and intermediaries who already have relationships with these teams as intermediaries to submit short briefs outlining their desired campaign outcomes and then present team sponsorship options that meet those criteria.

Reliance Jio recently bought digital rights to IPL from 2023-2027 cycle in a deal worth Rs 23,758 crore, but decided not to offer its content freely via Hotstar streaming platform; rather it chose JioCinema app as an OTT provider with premium viewing experience aimed at disrupting Star Sports dominance while driving traffic driven advertising revenues for themselves.

India, home to over 800 million smartphones and some of the lowest data prices globally, makes an ideal market for streaming IPL matches in 4K UHD. JioCinema’s IPL offering, featuring multilingual commentary and multiple camera angles, saw its user base grow rapidly during this year’s tournament – according to Samsung Smart TV data, JioCinema became one of the top five apps during April and May while also increasing by over 500 percent its reach.

Although engagement and participation on OTT platforms is high, cricket enthusiasts still tune into live TV coverage of live cricket action. According to reports, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians all found sponsors who will broadcast matches live via television channels.

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